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Our luxury resale leathers are selected,
- some artistically 
re-imagined for the most  confident, creative, and

self-expressive women anywhere. 


Our Rosistyle artistic jackets are one-of-a-kind! They have originally created styles

of various designers worldwide. Pat Mills-Sullivan decorates, illustrates, redesigns,
or reconstructs these beautiful leather fashions into works of art, with ethnic expression, symbolic images, embroideries, rhinestones, phrases, fine art paintings, themes, patches, unique wearable objects, and modern or abstract art.

RosiStyle also offers custom-commissioned work for artistic, illustrative leathers to suit your choice of original leather, theme, color palette, and design.
Artist, Pat Mills-Sullivan, starts your commissions' with several proposed sketches, and visual reviews until your final artistic leather fashion is completed.


Here is where you will find many leather fashion labels, designed in an array of colors, shapes and details. We offer every woman's taste, especially for us creatives, in extra small to extra large silhouettes. See our short and long jackets, vests, and lightweight leather coats in romantic, gender-fluid, grunge, classic to vintage, and modern graphic and whimsical styles.


Leather pants never fail to elevate our personal style! The trends now embrace not just the pencil leg versions, but also the fitted hips with roomy, comfortable wide legs, as well. There is a wide variety of colors, detailing, solids, and metallic colors too.
I'm excited to offer a collection unlike anyone else.


Fun, mod, vintage, artistic, eccentric, structural, trendy, classical, whimsical and timeless. Treasure hunts have provided a wide variety of leather designs,

plus other choices, such as metals, textiles, beaded and other

various materials and embellishments. 


“Treasure Hunt” is a phrase repeated by one woman all her life.

Pat Mills-Sullivan passion for it, along with her creative interests expands among fine and digital art, graphic, as well as fashion design.


Rosie, her mom was her first teacher. Because of her, every artistry or

creative project has been a pleasure and a gift. And, Pat believes fashion, for every woman, is the bridge between "getting dressed" to actually wearing and
enjoying self-expression.

Enjoy our leather luxury resale fashions that can last a generation or two,

while adding the richness of leather, timeless style,

and more individuality to your wardrobe.

Leather is a natural material and is therefore subject to change from hide to hide.

Changes in the color, texture, or wrinkles of the leather are signs of normal wear.

Irregularities in the consistency of the color in each garment or accessory should not be considered a fault, but inherent to the natural qualities of the leather.

We recommend taking your garment to a leather cleaning professional
as needed or use leather cleaners for easy leather skin cleaning.

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